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RP for imnot_hisgirl:

Formal affairs were not for the faint of heart.  Or perhaps they were.  He wasn't entirely sure.  He just knew as he stared at himself in the mirror, it felt like all this dressing up was entirely too complicated.  Especially the bit about trying to tie his tux.

He sighed and stared at it, and untied it again.  Maybe he could go without it.  It looked good without it.  Except then he would look ridiculous, wouldn't he?  Everyone else would be looking nice and proper and there he would be, without even a proper tux.

One more time and that was that.  If it was crooked or uneven or too tight or not tight enough or any other variation of wrong, well it would just have to do.   He stared at himself in the mirror one more time as he finished readjusting himself.  It was good enough.

The gala event was for the retirement of some UNIT General he had never even heard of.  He couldn't think of any reason he accepted the invitation.  He thought he might see the Brig there, that might be worth the effort and the high chance of boredom.  Also he loved those nibbles that they served on the trays.  Those were always good and they never seemed like they could be properly recreated outside boring formal affairs.

He turned side to side, giving himself a few more appraising glances in the mirror, before heading downstairs to wait for Martha and the car that would be taking them to the event.
Tags: featuring: martha jones, for: imnot-hisgirl, rp, verse: jones & smith (aka nameless)
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