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handysparehand's Journal

The Other Doctor
drifting apart like a plate tectonic

The Handy Hand, the Hand Who Grew Legs, the - well we'll steer away from that stuff for his sake, because it might be a bit degrading, who knows. He's just a hand anyway. Or a duplicate Doctor, new Doctor, the other Doctor, DoctorDonna thing, metacrisis, half human, there's a whole bunch of things actually. It's hard to settle on one label, and it's a little tricky seeing as he's a unique something or other anomaly in time and space. We'll go easy on the technobabble here. Long story short, he's part Doctor, part Donna, and part something else (maybe, hopefully, again WHO KNOWS???).

it don't matter to me cos' all i wanted to be

Well, this Doctor, whatever you want to call him, he plays in a bunch of different verses. To your left there is a link to said verses (which is in need of an update I feel, or not...we'll see) this Doctor plays in. He travels with a Doctor and a Jack over in Reality Shifted. He was never sent to Pete's World, and instead left in the care of Martha Jones in logs and fun things. A long while back he stole a vortex manipulator from a Jack from Pete's World and got to hang out with an AU Reinette. There have been other things as well. I think Harold Saxon showed up once, not sure if he'll be back again. Handy's prompts and things are sometimes based on canon, sometimes drift off into the AU land of verses and sometimes involve horrible things happening at the end of the world which I still feel badly about....

was a million miles from here

Have any questions about Handy, the way I play him, something I'm doing wrong. Feel free to PM me or leave a message in his concrit post which can also be found to your left. Everything is to the left, for good reason I'm sure! I'm always looking for concrit or ways to improve, so please let me know. Or if you have any ideas, suggestions, threads you'd like to play out with him, whatever, just drop me a line. I'm always happy to get feedback and ideas and things!

somewhere more familiar

This is where the general disclaimer goes. So here it is! This journal is a role-playing journal. This is for entertainment only. I wish I made money for this, but for now, fun will be my reward. So this is not for profit. The Doctor, Doctor Who and any associated characters belong to the BBC, not me. As far as I know, David Tennant belongs to himself. Unfortunately for me, I am in no way associated with the show or anyone involved in the making of it. Also, just a general NC-17 warning for anything that might involve sex/violence.